Our Ladies

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DELLY Bucianska Dolina (Deflinka)

born: 15th june 2004
brood since: 19th sept. 2006
father: ROLL A TACO of Tintagel Winds
mother: Anika Ranny Svit
SPKP: 2500/06
health: hips A/A, elbows 0/0

Delfinka's pedigree

Unique, irreplaceable, always full of love and joy. Very easy-learning and intelligent with huge desire to work. Temperamental, energic with her "own head", Without conflicts, loving people, dogs and even some cats. Beautiful lady with lovely face expression and look. She very loves food, belly-scratching, larking and retrieving balls, wands, dummies, animals...almost everything possible on land or from water. That's my beloved Delfinka.

In the end of april 2009 Delfinka acquired working certificate.


Date Place Type Class Reward Judge
8th may 2005 Banska Bystrica NVP Young Very good Zofia Konderla,PL
17th july 2005 Kosice CVP Young Very good Stefan Janega, SK
13th may 2006 Bratislava KVR Intermediate Excellent, E4 Mark Rawlinson, GB
26th sept. 2009 Presov NVP Working class Excellent, E2 Katerina Bauzhes, RU
20th febr. 2010 Presov MVP Working class Excellent, E3 Matakovič Bojan, CRO


Date Place Type Points Order Judge
27th aug. 2005 Dlha n.Orave OVVR 168
MVDr.D. Bartosova,V.Paluska
1st sept. 2007 Stara Tura JSMP 215
MVDr. D.Bartosova, O.Csepi