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About us

This kennel has been registered on 14th May 2007. I've decided for name "on the Happiness' Wings", because I think Labrador is very happy, full of energy and I liked it the most =). All puppies,that will be born in this kennel, will certainly give lot of love and joy to their new owners and their homeplaces. Officialy, this kennel is owned by my mother Viktoria because at time of registration i still wasn't 18. Practically it's mine (Martina), because I take care about and train our honey, take care about all papers, vaccinations and stuff like that. Because I'm alread 18, this kennel will be soon rewritten to me. Our "pack" include my parents and brother, me =), Emelia - 1yo Maine Coon kitten, and off course, Delfinka. Amy, Delfinka's daughter and her owner are often with us. We all love Delfinka and she feels the same to us =)