About breed Labrador Retriever

The most wonderful breed i have ever met. Labrador is a very smart, intelligent, easy-to-train with great desire to make his owner happy. Labrador Retriever is a very versatile dog to the apartment and the house. It may be great pet, loves people, very warmly welcomes the visits, likes to perform commands and receives rewards for them. Tt is patient dog which can stand log annoying of children that came for a visit, very well tolerates long trips with car and train and in case that you cannot go out with him at right time he can postpone his need for later. Labrador has irresistible beggar look and big appetite, so you must be careful that you don't overeat him.

Labrador is also a great working dog which enjoys doing something because that make him feel useful. He’s working with great eager various conditions. He don’t care if it’s in summer, in winter, in forest, on meadow, on the field, when snowing, raining, wind-blowing or or sun-shining. Of course, he has limits and shouldn’t be forced when tired. Still, he’s living, feeling and sensitive creature. Labrador loves water and aporting. This amazing dog is really adaptable. Hunters use him to find and retrieve wounded or shot down small birds, pheasants or rabbits. If you feel, that this is not the way you want to work with Lab, you can go completely different direction. Helping people can certainly also be fun and useful. Lab is also great canistherapy dog or rescuer. His excellent muzzle is used to search drugs and other prohibited substances, explosives, and even to detect cancer tumors. If you want to try some sports with your Labrador or just have some fun, you can try dogtracking or agility. But remember not to start until your dog reaches one year. It could damage his joints.

Labrador is a wonderful dog, that once you’ll have, you'll not be able to imagine life without him.

Labrador Retriever's standard